Commentary 12    

White: Honinbo Shusaku (wins by 6)
Black: Murase Shuho 6-dan

4th month, Year of the Cock, Bunkyu 1 (1861-05-17), Hirose household

1 ~ 100

Black 39: When he first played this he felt it was good to leave a ko behind, but when he looked at it later with more composure, he realised that playing ▲ and taking sente was better.

Black 45 ordinarily would be at o. Of course he knew that, but here he thought that pushing on with 47 was more profitable. However, White's outside influence becomes comcomitantly stronger and he naturally is building up thickness in the centre, so that lightly playing at o would have been better.

Black 57 and 59 were slack. By giving up the lone stone 7, the territories have become equalised and the position is already level. But Black still has the full power of sente, he thought, and he should have relied on that more prudently, and instead of remissly playing these slack moves he should have staked out territory with 60.

When Black clamped at 69, he thought White would be very hard pressed for a reply, but he calmly connected and then played 72 and 74. Although these are not the most active of moves, they are good shape.

101 ~ 200

Black 105 (5 in Figure 2) captures five white stones in the centre, but the position is already lost for Black. He had not considered well. He should have played this at 107 so as to bring about a fight in the centre. To sum up, in this game he had already made some losses in the opening. But White also outplayed him and played some nice moves. Once they reached the endgame, he ought not to have been so careless.

201 ~ 254

Book II-27a (Sgf version: sgf)


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