Commentary 11    

White: Honinbo Shusaku (Honinbo heir)
Black: Murase Yakichi (wins by 2)

6th of 12th month, Ansei 4 (1858-01-20)

1 ~ 100

Leaving the lower corner to play elsewhere with Black 19 is an appealing idea in this case. But when White played 20 Black was still in a state of uncertainty.

After the game, Shusaku said, "Although I gave some thought as to how best to play at this stage, I came to no clear conclusions, and so eventually I played here. In general, the most difficult time in the opening was probably the two or three moves around here."

The hane of Black 29 is an interesting order of moves. If White defends against this by connecting at ▲, Black will immediately play at 32, and so White first captured at 30. Black therefore again left the corner for later, and played the hane at 31. At this stage, the tactics of both players are bafflingly full of difficult and profound nuances.

When Black played 35, he had assumed White would not pull out the single stone 14 immediately with the kosumi at 36, and gave it no further thought. But he then suddenly saw how this changes the position and realised for the first time that 35 should have restrained the White stone with o.

White 50 is an interesting sequence, attacking the lone Black stone while giving succour to the White groups in the centre.

Black 51 was a little too much a case of following his own bent. Simply playing at 57 was more reasonable.

101 ~ 202

Book II-26a (Sgf version: sgf)


There are different versions of this game, and one with 235 moves is now regarded as standard, but the version here is the one in Hoen Shinpo, where, apart from the missing portion, the moves after 194 also vary.


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