Commentary 10    

White: Honinbo Shuwa
Black: Murase Shuho (wins without counting)

6th of 6th month, same year (1871-07-23)

1 ~ 100

White 24 was a new idea devised by Master Shuwa. It can fairly be said to be an interesting move. Usually a play at ▲ is joseki.

Black 45 is the best move in this case, even though to turn like this is normally considered bad shape.

White 54 and 56 are very slack moves. Master Shuwa said, "At first, when Black played 51, I thought he was probably worried about White's moyo in the centre being thick, and he must be trying to rescue his two stones 33 and 35. However, if White deliberately lets Black escape and plays at o, the position becomes more expansive and there will be places to generate more active measures. By pressing too much, as here, and capturing the two stones, the game became restricted and so I had made a fatal mistake."

Black 65 would be better at 66.

White 70 is somewhat slack. After Black has played 71, Black settles his shape in the centre and there are few places left for White to play. If he had played at 85 before Black played 71, and done something in the centre, the position would probably open up.

101 ~ 155

Book II-25a (Sgf version: sgf)


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