Commentary 7    

White: Honinbo Shuwa
Black: Murase Shuho (wins by 6)

14th of 4th month, same year (1871-06-01)

1 ~ 100

As for the contact and pull back with White 20 and then the connection underneath at 24, for similar reasons as mentioned in the previous game, Master Shuwa often played such patterns in his later years. Probably he wanted to play amashi sequences against his opponents. However, his posture becomes low and the shapes are easily settled, so these are hardly moves that would make a player taking White very happy. Although it may have been all right for him to play this way, it is not a good model for us pupils nowadays who are hoping to progress by thoroughly studying his methods.

Black's attachment at 31 and the kosumi at 33 are good moves in this case.

The attachment at Black 71 and extension to 73 are not specially profitable, but he basically judged the outcome on the basis of leaving this area speedily and sacrificing a few stones in the centre, and came to the conclusion that the odds were in my favour. Perhaps he may called a wise old head.

101 ~ 185

Book II-22a (Sgf version: sgf)


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