Commentary 5    

White: Honinbo Shuwa
Black: Murase Yakichi (wins by 4)

6th of 11th month, same year, same venue

1 ~ 100

Black 11 was chosen with deliberation.

White 24, abruptly leaving the melee to try an attack elsewhere, surprised Black and caused him some alarm.

When Black put down 43, he was sure White would first answer at 63, then Black would extend to 83. This is the normal, standard shape. However, White did not answer here, but peeped at 44. Whatever its merits, it was flagrantly unexpected and may be considered a move meant to confuse the opponent.

In general, in go, when you are playing against an opponent stronger than yourself, you will meet cases like this, and he will make moves at points you did not even consider. There are people who are seized by doubts as to whether they have some deeper meaning.

With 53, Black plays first at an important point and leaves the Black group on the right till later. The way this group lived was rather good. In the first place, the opening moves of both players in this game departed from hackneyed paths, and throughout the game they each came up with ceaseless surprise attacks. But by the end of the game Black had not lost his nerve, and had avoided careless mistakes, so that it could be said he had reached a moderate level of efficiency.

101 ~ 193

Book II-20a (Sgf version: sgf)


The date as given seems wrong. More likely is 16th of 11th month or 6th of 12th month.


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