Commentary 4    

White: Honinbo Shuwa
Black: Murase Yakichi (wins by 5)

15th of same month (1860-12-26), same venue

1 ~ 100

The order of moves in this opening is interesting: Black 9 first makes a narrow extension so that he can then play the extension cum approach move four points further along at 11.

Crawling along low with White 22 and 24 is not an example to be followed, but once you have played several dozen games with the same opponent, it is annoying if the same opening shapes are apt to occur over and over again, and so you may try varying your moves.

Playing Black 57 first is highly effective once White 56 has been played.

White began with a double shimari opening, and from the outset played in a relaxed way. His strategy was to wait for defects in his opponent's position he could exploit. But he was passive, and could not overcome the power of first move he had ceded. Since Black from beginning to end presented him with no moves that could be called inferior, it is only natural that White lost.

101 ~ 181

Book II-19a (Sgf version: sgf)


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