Commentary 1    

White: Honinbo Shuwa 8-dan (wins without counting)
Black: Murase Yakichi 5-dan

25 X Manen 1 (1860-12-07), at the Hirose household

1 ~ 100

101 ~ 160

Book II-16a (Sgf version: sgf)

Invading White's narrow space with Black 105 was an attempt to finish off the game quickly, but it turned into the reason for his defeat. If he had simply blocked at ▲, and slowly moved into the endgame, victory might not have eluded him.

Black 139 was similar. It allowed White a way to live. He should have played at 140 and then later [after White lives here] if he makes the position safe by blocking at o, Black will still be some margin ahead.

What it boiled down to was that Black did not carefully compare the size of the respective territories at this stage, and thus the outcome, and relied too much on his own strength and got into a futile pushing contest. White, in contrast, from the beginning played a close opening and gradually occupied territory, so that in due course he could suddenly probe Black's weaknesses and immediately take advantage of them to secure victory.


Hirose refers to Hirose Kunishiro who was a 3-dan pupil of the Honinbo family, but also a go patron: he sponsored the match between Honinbo Shusaku and Shuho at his home.

The assumption made here is that the words are Shuho's but are penned by his amanuensis Miyoshi, and so we use the third person.


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