Essays on famous go players

See also   Big pro, little pro and   New Kids on the Block.

See also   Big pro, little pro and   New Kids on the Block.

See also   Big pro, little pro and   New Kids on the Block.

Former insei Pieter Mioch talks to famous pros from his base in Nagoya

This is a series devoted to handicap games played by top pros when they were young. One special point of interest is to see how their bad moves differ from the bad moves of amateurs. Another is to note which moves the senior pro picks out for comment.

The games come from a wide variety of sources and so the treatment varies in each case - as does the handicap. They cover games from nine stones upwards.

Games and players featured:

  1. Takagawa Kaku and Meijin Honinbo Shusai
  2. Takemiya Masaki and Tanaka Minaichi
    • Plus TAKEMIYA'S FUSEKI IDEAS - Cosmic or natural...?
  3. Otake Hideo and Kitani Minoru
  4. Umezawa Yukari and Kato Masao
  5. Iwamoto Kaoru and Hirose Heijiro

This is a series devoted to young stars. Most of them had just broken into the big time and this is a snapshot of them at that point in their careers. All have gone on to greater things.

Players featured:

  1. Yi Seong-chae - Korean star with penchant for philopsophy..
  2. Chang Hao - enter the dragon, China's new striker...
  3. Liao Xingwen - yet another Chinese prodigy, but the youngest yet...
  4. Zhou Junxun - Taiwan's greastest ever player..
  5. Zhou Heyang - like Jowa, great talent maturing late...
  6. Yamada Kimio - yes, Japan has young stars, too...

Many people famous in other walks of life have played go. See our survey - with games - of those who managed to find a game with a pro, plus a few others of special merit.