Go in Manchuria

Igo Shunju, first edition In February 1937, the famous Japanese "amateur" Yasunaga Hajime founded the magazine Igo Shunju - right. Despite once appearing as Japan's representative in the World Amateur Championship, he had a professional pedigree. On the cover of the founding issue he even styled himself as "Editor Yasunaga Hajime 4-dan." Go Seigen at that time was still just 6-dan.

But Yasunaga chose to exercise his many talents mainly in go journalism. It was he who really invented the Shin-Fuseki concept by writing - about the same time - the famous book that also bore the names of Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru.

His magazine has become a rarity, but the first five issues were recently reprinted as an act of homage by two of today's top amateurs, Kikuchi Yasuro and Nishimura Osamu. The copies used were in the possession of Yasunaga's daughter Ikuko. Even she had no clean copies, and many of the pages are defaced with underlinings and so on. But it was a very lively magazine and well worth reading even now. Its quality shows why Yasunaga was so highly rated.

The reprint has no ISBN number but is available from the Nihon Ki-in.

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