You too can be a Crime Scene Investigator

There is such a thing as a killer move in go.

New forensic analysis in the GoGoD database has revealed that one kind of move above all others NYPD is liable to win the game with one murderous blow. As soon as it appears, the opponent is more likely to succumb at once than aganst any other kind of move.

We present here over 50 positions where the killer move won the game at once (except for a couple of cases where the victim hung on for a while but the person who first recorded the incident decided the moves after the killer move were dross not worth recording).

All the crime scenes are whole-board positions (White names given first, the victim's last known movements are marked with a ▲). You only have to find one move. The answers are given en bloc at the end, but unless you are still a rookie investigator, we strongly recommend moving on to the next clue without looking at the answers. The killer move will dawn on you soon enough.

Solve the mystery within five positions and you can rate yourself a Poirot. Within 10, a Colombo or a Miss Marple. More than 20, maybe Inspector Clouseau is more to your taste?

But whenever the light dawns, just enjoy after that the wide variety of positions in which the killer returns to the scene of the crime.

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