The Japanese Chinese

The excuse for this item is that on the very day we received our authors' copies of the new Go Companion book (available from Slate & Shell), we also received the latest Gekkan Go World.

Go Companion, 2009

That's not as flimsy an excuse for a plug as it might seem. First off, Go Companion was a spin-off from this column, but as we added many new items to the book and also rewrote or updated others, the website was rather neglected. It's useful to have a chance to explain that.

But more important was the serendipitous arrival of Go World. In 2007, this magazine published an excellent series on the "Fighting Chinese Fuseki" by Kono Rin 9-dan. We were impressed enough to post a brief notice here, which you can find as item #56, Let Battle Commence. This was one of the first items selected by Slate & Shell for the book. Now Go World (the Japanese magazine) has suddenly started a new series on a new version of the Chinese, also by Kono Rin.

We give another brief notice here of this version, which is in many ways even more interesting. Further instalments will follow in Go World, which you may wish to pursue. Here we are referring to the March 2009 issue.

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