Rare four-stone game

You may enjoy the game below. It caught the eye of the GoGoD team as T. Mark transcribed it during a break at the recent London Open. It explodes dramatically at the end. It is from a book of 50 games played by Inagaki Kanetaro around 1910. Black was nobody famous but was called Yamazaki Jo. The commentary is by Inagaki.

Black 8 is bad. There is nothing wrong with playing hane at 9, White A, Black cuts at B, White 13, Black blocks at C. Or if White does not hane at A but cuts at 8, it is enough for Black to pull back to D.

Black 14 is immature. It is better to connect at 16.

Black 24 would be better connecting at E as it is more solid.

Black 28 is very slack. He should cut at 29, and if White F: Black stretches out to G, White 28, Black connects at H, and now if White I, Black can jump to J.

Black 40 is not as good as connecting at 43. Then if White 42, Black wedges in with hane at 49.

The sgf version game is available here.

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