Fujisawa Hideyuki

Fujisawa Hideyuki, who died on 8 May 2009 at the age of 83, was not a saint, though his devoted wife Motoko may well be. But he was certainly an inspiring man. Apart from his unique and well known legacy on the go board in Japan, he played important roles in fostering go in Korea and, especially, China.

Fujisawa Hideyuki

Mr & Mrs Fujisawa Hideyuki at home

In a small way even we at GoGoD benefited from his generosity. Not long ago, we commissioned Pieter Mioch to interview the great man, who promptly invited Pieter to his home, and both he and his wife favoured us with a candid survey of his life on and off the go board.

Sadly, both the master and his wife were struck again by illness shortly after and we were never quite able to finish off things the way we greedily would have liked. Knowing that Fujisawa had already defeated cancer three times, we were always optimistic about his recovery, and periodic spells of his famed resilience supported our hopes. However, not even he could live for ever, and it was aspiration pneumonia that took him in the end.

While we ponder what to do with our unfinished material, we would like, partly by way of tribute, to present here an extract dealing with the one aspect that has perplexed western readers more than any other - his name. At long last, you are getting the true story direct from the man himself. The photos and the following interview are by Pieter, of course. We would also like to include in our thanks and commiserations the Fujisawas' daughter-in-law, Shoko.

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