Insights from French rules

Interesting and maybe surprising or even welcome news for many - at least judging by the passionate debates generated whenever the rules of go are mentioned: the tournament at Milton Keynes in October 2007 will be the first under the British Go Association's auspices to be run under American Go Association rules.

There has been a proposal to adopt AGA rules for all BGA events. It is not yet formal and no deadline has been set, but there is strong interest in getting some direct experience of the putative new rules to help a decision be made. In similar vein, some BGA members have wondered if there are any useful lessons to be learnt from France's experience - the French use what are essentially AGA rules. As it happens, Denis Feldmann has written about various aspects of the French version of the rules from his own extensive experience, both as a tournament organiser and rules theoretician.

We have therefore translated a chunk of his work. The translation is intended mainly for fellow BGA members but we offer it also to the wider go community. If there are any non-BGA members who have useful experiences of AGA rules in practice, and would be willing to share them, we would be happy to add them to this site.


One of the first responses (August 2007) was from Terry Benson, main architect of the AGA rules. We add here his latest exhortation to use AGA rules plus an early explanation of passing and counting.

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