New Jowa game provides classic insight

A recently discovered game between Honinbo Jowa and Yasui Chitoku offers a rare delight just as does any new game players of such stature.

This game has the added rarity of being one of the very few extant 2-stone games by Jowa. It already shows the power and large-scale conceptions for which he later became famous.

But the reason we have highlighted the game here is because it seems to us a superb example of old go in which White has to play in a rather different way to Black.

Possibly this is such a good example because it was also a handicap game, and impressive though Jowa was, he was up against a player of Meijin strength.

The game was played in 1810, when Jowa (not yet actually named Honinbo) was inferred to be 3- or 4-dan. He was Black, of course.

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