Spot the blunders

Even pros boob. Sometimes spectacularly. The example below is the latest one we came across. It inspired us to dig out a few more - mostly double blunders for added spice. It gives solace to those of us whose play becomes (shall we say) more creative as the night wears on and all the world's problems suddenly fade behind a frantic search for the Undo button.

The boober here was Seo Pong-su 9-dan (move 2) and the boobee Cho Hun-hyeon 9-dan. They were playing - rather appropriately perhaps - in the Bacchus Cup in 1988.

Seo resigned on seeing 3. Komi was 5.5 so he would just have lost anyway, but there are better ways to resign.

Incidentally, these two players have just (May 2006) notched up 360 games between them, a record, way way ahead of Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Koichi. Many of the Cho-Seo games were in title matches. Cho has a big lead, but Seo was always very popular, even more popular, with the Korean fans as he was the one top player of his time who stayed in Korea all his career and did not take the Japanese shilling. They rarely meet nowadays but were brought together in a special 50th Kuksu Memorial Tournament which reunited all the Kuksu titleholders of the past 50 years except for Cho Nam-ch'eol, who at 83 is a bit too frail. Cho and Seo won through to the final of this special event.

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