Star wars - Yi and Yoda trade novelties

This position came up in the Round 1 game between Yi Se-tol (White) and Yoda Norimoto in the 16th Fujitsu Cup on 11 April 2005.

The three-space pincer is not new, but may not be well known among amateurs. The Dictionary of Basic Joseki by Ishida Yoshio says, "the newest of the pincers" (it's not - Honinbo Shusaku was rather fond of it), "not played very often" (we have nearly 1,000 examples). But it's probably right in saying "not many definitive sequences have been worked out," although White's answer at A is so common as to be called the definitive reply.

Yi Se-tol's contact play does not get a mention in DoBJ. Commenting on this game, Ishida (not in DoBJ, of course) said it was the first time he had seen it.

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