Avalanche still has capacity to surprise

The fame of the Avalanche (nadare opening still rests to a degree on the astonishment created by Go Seigen by playing the "inside turn" in the Large Avalanche variation.

The first choice in this line, when the whole opening was still brand new, was the outward turn, A, which seems to have been played first by Kitani Minoru against Kato Shin on 26 October 1927.

It was move B, however, that pros assumed was the most natural move, and in our records it was first played by Takahashi Shigeyuki against Kojima Shunichi on 24 October 1934.

It was precisely because this move was so natural that the go world was rocked when Go Seigen played move C against Takagawa Kaku in the 1st Nihon Saikyo on 20 February 1957.

But there was a further major surprise in store in August 2003. White has another move. Where?

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