Rare even game by Go Seigen

On their latest book-buying mission to the Far East, the GoGoD team discovered many unusual items. Among the old items were collected games of Komatsu Kaizen and Ota Yuzo. Among the modern players we found new games by Cho Chikun, Takemiya Masaki, Chen Zude, Seo Pong-su and a host of others.

But for a combination of rarity and interest, none perhaps exceeded one of the four new Go Seigen games. It was an even game against amateurs. Actually he gave a komi of 50 points, but on the board at least the amateurs went head to head.

This is far from the first case of a professional allowing amateurs to play level with komi but it is the only example we have seen for Go, and it is also a rare example of one-sided rengo.

The game was played in July 1980 at the Tessekikai, a club run by Kawai Tetsuyuki, pro 5-dan. Kawai played Black 1 to 9 and then his pupils took over, each playing two moves at a time. 33 pupils took part, so most got to play four moves against the master. The strength of the pupils ranged from 7-dan to low-dan.

Go won by 88 points on the board. It was agreed in advance that the game would be played out whatever the score, so this was not a case of being disrespectful.

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