3rd Gosei Tournament (sample page) 1978

HAVING TROUNCED his fellow but junior pupil Takemiya Masaki in Term 2, reigning Honinbo Kato Masao now had to face his senior co-pupil Otake Hideo. Otake got off to an ideal 2-0 start, and although he dropped Game 3 he went on to take the Gosei title 3-1 from its only holder so far.

This was sweet revenge for Otake as he had been beaten by Kato in the first term.

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
Kato Masao 9d     W+R   1
Otake Hideo 9d B+2.5 W+3.5   W+1.5 3
5 Jul
21 Jul
17 Aug
23 Aug

It was felt that Kato was showing tiredness from the burden of defending his Honinbo title, and he missed a certain win in Game 1. But in Game 3 he was at least able to put an end to a 13-game winning streak by Otake, which was the record for 1978.

The scheduling of the event was moved forward appreciably compared with the previous two terms, the league games beginning on 9 March. Another major change was that, for the first time, not all the final games were played at the Nihon Ki-in.

3rd Gosei OH TM IY KK HU Score Place
Otake Hideo 9d -- 1 1 1 1 4-0 1
Takemiya Masaki 9d 0 -- 1 1 1 3-1 2
Ishida Yoshio 9d 0 0 -- 1 1 2-2 3
Kobayashi Koichi 9d 0 0 0 -- 1 1-3 4
Hashimoto Utaro 9d 0 0 0 0 -- 0-4 5

The league this year was formed from a preliminary partial knockout of 24 players (19 Nihon Ki-in, 5 Kansai Ki-in).

Veteran Hashimoto Utaro set a record in the qualification tournament by qualifying for the league at the age of 71. He was, however, unable to win a game in the league itself.

All the title games and nine of the league games are in the GoGoD database.

Sakakibara Shoji 9d Sakakibara Hashimoto U.
Sugiuchi Masao 9d
Hashimoto Utaro 9d Hashimoto U.
Ohira Shuzo 9d
Sakaguchi Ryuzo 7d Kudo Takemiya
Kudo Norio 9d
Tsujii Ryotaro 6d Takemiya
Takemiya Masaki 9d
Kojima Takaho 8d Kojima Otake
Miyamoto Naoki 9d
Iwata Tatsuaki 9d Otake
Otake Hideo 9d
Chino Tadahiko 8d Rin Kobayashi
Rin Kaiho 9d
Hashimoto Shoji 9d Kobayashi
Kobayashi Koichi 8d
Fujisawa Hideyuki 9d Ishida Ishida
Ishida Yoshio 9d
Kubouchi Shuchi 9d Kubouchi
Yoshida Yoichi 9d