If you came here asking, "What is go?", or want to contact some of GoGoD's partners, here are a few links that will get you on your way pretty quickly.

GoGoD Shield

The BGA is obviously mainly for British members but the site has some good software downloads and links to European organisations. Both of the GoGoD team have served the BGA. T Mark is a lifetine Vice-President.

GoGoD also sponsors the BGA's Online League (right), which began in 2009. This league brings together teams from all over Britain via the internet. Full details on the BGA site.

The American Go Association covers the USA, and it too has an impressive array of goodies and links. GoGoD contributes to the Anerican Go Journal.

Sensei's Library a Wiki site for committed go players. It is especially good for worldwide links to organisations outside the English-speaking world. GoGoD actively supports this site.

Slate & Shell

Books in the series "From the GoGoD archives" are published by Slate & Shell.

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